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6 day Gorilla Safari

A six-day safari of Uganda including Gorilla trekking and visiting the Queen Elizabeth NP.


8 day Gorilla and Queen Elizabeth Safari

An eight day safari of Uganda which includes gorilla trekking, a visit to the Queen Elizabeth National Park and Chimp tracking in Kibale NP.

9 day Mount Elgon Hiking Expedition

A nine day trek through Uganda which includes the Sasa river trail, Bumasola village, Mudage Cliffs, Mude Cave, and finally reaching Jackson summit and Sipi Falls.  All while experiencing Uganda wildlife and beautiful scenery.


12 day Uganda safari - The ultimate Safari

This twelve-day safari covers every aspect of wildlife, flora and fauna in Uganda.


14 days Gorilla Safari

Like the twelve days safari a fourteen days safari that covers every aspect of wildlife and the source of the longest river in the world "The Nile".


18 days Gorilla Safari

An eighteen days safari that covers all aspects of wildlife and visits to most of the countries wonderfull geographical features. The countries peoples and different types of cultures play a part in this itinerary.


Bird Watching

We have trips ranging from 3 days to 21 days but you can customise your own bird watching safari in Uganda.


Excursions/Add ons

A description of day's excursions, car hire and add on for any safari.

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